Innovations 2025

What to expect at Hotel Austria Saalbach
in the year 2025

New facade design

The facade will be enhanced through the use of stones and white paint, while the balconies will be redesigned with a combination of wood and glass, creating a modern and appealing look. Additionally, the introduction of new LED architectural lighting will provide a unique visual effect. To further enhance the comfort of our guests, we will replace all windows along the street side with triple-reinforced glass windows. This will effectively reduce noise from passing cars and create a quieter atmosphere for guests.

Breakfast only – No half board option available anymore

To maintain our competitive pricing, we will now focus on offering a premium breakfast instead of half board. The breakfast buffet will be elevated to a four-star level, and additionally, a live cook will be available to prepare egg dishes such as omelets. Furthermore, there will be an extended selection of cereals and spreads, as well as a variety of pastries and freshly squeezed juices

Extended opening hours

WE LISTEN TO OUR GUESTS! Many guests have requested it, so we’re making it happen

Room amenities

New rooms

À la carte Restaurant

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that starting in 2025, an à la carte restaurant will be available. It will offer extremely attractive prices compared to the usual standards in Saalbach and will be open from 12 pm to 10 pm.

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